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Last night I had a strange dream, half of it having to do with the mushi from Mushishi, and the other half about this type of pasta I like.:
(note that story has been cut off for smooth "read more"ing.)

The Empty Space In My Head wrote:
So I'm traveling around with my friend, some girl I don't know. I'm male, but this is only before we find the first Mushi.

We hear people talking about how the Gods created some gift for the children to play with, which sounds interesting, so we ask them what they're talking about, and they tell us that the Gods created a small wall of water under right where the inflatable tubish-plaything was that used to just float around for swimming children.

We're intrigued, so we go to the bay, and of course we find the 5-foot water structure. So we decide to go in, and of course I realize it's a Mushi from the inside. I happen to accidentally splash the water in my drink on myself -- water from outside, note -- and when I try to get out of the tube, (I'd explain its simple shape, but I'm not good at explaining. Well, think of it as a square shape, but the only part you can go in is a macaroni tube in it, (with two entrances), the rest just closed off.) I somehow just... can't. I try to pull myself out, but I'm either thrown back, hit by an invisible wall, the like. The other girl decides to go ask Ginko for help, and runs off, leaving me there.

So I'm sitting here alone, terrified, and unlike before anyone was trapped in here, the wall of water was GROWING. (and randomly I have a tall San Fransiscoish building behind the wall to measure its height.)

Some kids come in, and of course in my head everyone has quite a presence, let alone appearance. So anyways some kids come in, one of 'em with a backwards red cap, sucking a lolly, exact same clothes as Ness (the video game character) and a bit overweight. As they leave, deciding it boring, I decide to do a very heartless test, and splash the water in my cup on the boy. Instead of saying, "WTF B****?!" he just spreads out his arms and flies over my head, into a compartment (with automatic slide-down doors) of the inflated tubish thing that I never knew was there. Later on after just sitting and realizing this was powered by the same Mushi I had defeated in my last dream -- (though I never know it's a dream, I just thought of it as "last week".) -- the boy comes out again, obviously possessed, doing something that could be called a mix of break-dancing and hip-hop. His red cap had been replaced by a blue one (now no front or back visor) with one of those things that spins in the wind on top.

I then get an idea. I took the the cup of water (super-sized from some fast-food joint, straw in place.) and started splashing all over the dam'ed thing. The water wall grew dramatically, and now I was five to ten feet from the top of the Friscoish building. (Meaning 50-200 feet from the shallow bay below.) Strangely, no one below seemed to notice.

I tried yet again to escape, and this time, I could! I stuck my foot onto a (oddly) rock ledge, and looked down. I was now a pet from some MMOG, fighting through monsters to get to the bottom, and after a fierce battle, I was able to get to the bottom. And then I was back in the tube, this time the girl was with me, but it was more like I had gone back in time, because I found myself still poring water, the boy still dancing. Suddenly the wall grew a bit, shook back and forth, and gave us a second to be happy before we realized what was happening -- we and the float were being thrown off the Mushi.

Somehow, when we hit the water, by pure luck, we survived. The boy wasn't there, but the Mushi had probably killed him and possessed his body, just for the sake of, well, something. We laughed in the water, pushing the float far from us, and swam back to shore.

Note that this is the only half of my story that gets completed.

Back at home, (I'll assume, as it isn't my home o__o -- actually it's my old house, which I always thought was especially creepy, and I don't live with Jim, obviously.) I heard yelling from my room. I know it's a man's voice, a relative of mine, but after all the hard work earlier in the day I only opened the door a peak, out of fear it was what I knew it was. I see the man's door opened a peak, as he's fighting with something -- and then I realize what it was. The Mushi from last week! (The Mushi from my last dream was the sauce of my favorite pasta, hot, and come alive.) His door is quickly shut by the Mushi, and I hear yet another yell. I jump two flights of stairs somehow, and end up at the livingroom, which gets me lost for a second because the stairs are connected to the entry space near the KITCHEN, which is on the OTHER side of the house. Finally I'm about to leave, when I hear from Jim's room, (for some reason that room had been moved to where the washer and dryer were), the tapping of computer keys. At first I'm afraid to look, lest it be the pasta sauce typing, but then I think that's just silly and wedge my head around.

Before Jim even looks at me, he gets up as if he noticed my particular presence. Then he says happily, "How do birds sit?" Puzzled, I think about my birds, and say "On those stick-things?" "Oh, thank you." And then I tell him about how the person upstairs was about to be killed. (I said person because for some reason I can't remember which relative.) And then he says, scarily enough, "Oh, grandma?" He makes a sour face, quite like the face of an inner homunculus. "Grandma hates those birds!"

And then I just stare at this strange, strange, man, and wonder if he's been possessed.

Then I woke up, eerily creeped out.


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I just figured out that I can delete multiple spam-posts at once! XD!!

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